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Performance Audit of Preparedness for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

INTOSAI has decided to include SDGs quite centrally in its strategic plan 2017-2022 as a cross-cutting theme. In its current discussions building up to the INCOSAI in December 2016, INTOSAI also identified four approaches through which INTOSAI and SAIs can contribute to the implementation of SDGs.

As a contribution to the INTOSAI and SAI efforts in supporting the implementation of SDGs, the IDI, in cooperation with INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC), undertook a performance audit of prepardness for the implementation of the SDGs under the initiative 'Auditing Sustainable Development Goals’. Following discussions with stakeholders during 2016, the IDI sees SDGs as a possible ‘contents’ umbrella for audit work done by the SAIs. 


SDG Preparedness Performance Audit by the numbers


Published and Issued Reports

Countries without links have issued the report to the relevant authority but have not made the report available to the general public