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IDI is a non-profit organization receiving its funding from different donors. The main contribution to IDI is provided by the Norwegian Parliament, through a dedicated grant to the Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAGN). The funding from OAGN is mainly covering the operational expenditures of the IDI secretariat in Oslo. In addition, IDI is receiving generous grants to cover the cost of the Capacity Development Programmes and the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development– Canada, USAID, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hungary, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Office of the Auditor General of Zambia, the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD), Department for International Development - UK(DFID), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade– Australia, Austrian Development Agency, Irish Aid, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs –Switzerland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs- France, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Norway and INTOSAI.

Accounting and Auditing

As a Norwegian Foundation, IDI has to follow the Norwegian Accounting Act and the Norwegian Accounting Standards. IDI has a dedicated financial manager responsible for ensuring that IDI is complying with the Norwegian legislation on accounting.

An external auditor, currently PwC, audits the financial statement of the IDI. The IDI Board appoints the auditor for a three-year term. The audit of IDI is conducted in accordance with laws, regulations, and auditing standards and practices generally accepted in Norway, including International Standards on Auditing. According to Norwegian Auditing Act of 1999, management letters are only issued when serious issues of non-compliance with rules and regulation are identified. IDI has never received a management letter since it was established in Norway in 2001.

2023 Financial Statements
2022 Financial Statements

IDI Performance and Accountability Reports

IDI has a robust system of reporting on its performance during a year through the Performance and Accountability Report prepared as a common report for all stakeholders. The performance is presented with reference to the IDI Results Framework. These reports are approved by the IDI Board at the first annual meeting every year, usually held in March.

2023 Performance and Accountability Report
2022 Performance and Accountability Report
2021 Performance and Accountability Report
Previous Performance and Accountability Reports