Independent SAIs Work Stream

SAI Innovations


IDI’s SAI Innovation is a tribute to innovation, experimenting and continuous professional development in both personal and organisational level. The SAI Innovations’ webinars and workshops aim to bring together SAI leadership, SAI audit professionals and innovators from across the INTOSAI Community and multiple stakeholders.

In 2020 We invite you to join us on this shared journey to go F.A.R.!

F.A.R. - Flexible, Agile and Resilient, these three qualities are key for any SAI seeking to effectively adopt new innovations and find creative solutions for fulfilling their mandate and communicating their results to stakeholders and citizens. During this series we will explore how audit institutions can adopt innovative audit practices to stay relevant, fully embrace the principle of "leave no one behind" and deliver value and benefits to government officials and society. By operating as flexible, agile and resilient institutions, SAIs will be able to go F.A.R.

The SAI Innovations Marketplace


In the Innovation Marketplace SAIs and stakeholders have the opportunity to share innovations that they have tried out and the lessons they have learned. Come and join us sharing your experiences, ways of doing (innovative) things and new ideas!

We have two Marketplace events scheduled for December 

Wednesday, 9th December 2020 | 15.00 CET

Harnessing the Power of Audits: Innovations in SAI-civil society cooperation and audit follow-up // International Budget Partnership

How can we strengthen stakeholder engagement and audit impact? This session will bring together SAIs and civil society actors to share innovations and lessons in oversight collaboration and audit follow-up. Speakers include representatives from the Office of the Auditor General of Nepal, the International Budget Partnership and the Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia in Argentina.

Monday, 14th December 2020 | 15.00 CET

Rethinking the way we audit: experience in agile auditing // SAI Costa Rica

The new global context challenged us to rethink our way of auditing, and we found answers in the agile approach. This has allowed us to continue adding public value to our stakeholders and staying relevant. We have integrated into the audit process some principles, values, and tools that lead us to agile working cycles, for earlier and continuous delivery of executive reports, to trigger timely improvements by the auditees. Our main maxims are: change is welcome; focus on the simple and essential; empathic approach with the audited entity; collaborative work to get the products done; effective face-to-face communication; motivated individuals; and continuous attention to technical excellence in accordance with fundamental principles of the ISSAI 100.

We look forward to seeing you at these webinars!

Please register here by the December 8th 12.00 CET