INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions


IDI signs NOK 9.55 M funding agreement with Norad to support SAI DRC from 2022-2025

Norad grant funds a three and half years Peer Support Project for SAI DRC from January 2022

Media Release: Helen Clark appointed as IDC Goodwill Ambassador for SAI Independence

World leader Helen Clark has taken on the newly created role to advocate globally for independent SAIs. 

PESA-P Inclusivity Numbers

IDI’s Summits kickstart a global conversation: 'What is Audit impact?'

In two global summits, 92 SAIs asked “What success stories of high impact audits or audit practices do SAIs have? And what led to their success?”

Launch of the Occasional Paper Series on SAI Independence

New papers on SAI independence research and the effects of COVID-19 on SAIs spreadhead new paper series

SAI PMF Announces Winner of its Application Naming Competition

The upcoming SAI PMF application has a name: e-SAI PMF!

Invitation to tender for mid-term evaluation of implementation of the IDI Strategic Plan, 2019-23

Responses to the terms of reference are invited by 12 January 2022. See the ToRs for further details.

IDI Board Member Dr. Margit Kraker

Meet Dr. Margit Kraker, IDI Board member and first female Secretary General of INTOSAI

We're delighted to profile Board member, Dr. Margit Kraker, President of the Austrian Court of Audit and Secretary-General of INTOSAI, with a special 'Meet the Board' focus on gender equality. 

IDI Board approves Operational Plan and Budget for 2022

In its virtual meeting on 25 November 2021, IDI’s Board approved the Operational Plan and budget for 2022. 

Eight more SAIs begin their SPMR journey towards stronger strategic management

The SAIs of Albania, Aruba, Kosovo, Mauritius, Montenegro, Namibia, St. Lucia and Zambia have begun a new all-digital round of SPMR

TAI Audits Highlighted in ARABOSAI Newsletter

TAI Audits initiative in ARABOSAI recently highlighted in ARABOSAI newsletter

Seven SAIs in ARABOSAI audit transparency, accountability & inclusiveness in the use of emergency funding for COVID–19

IDI Board Member Pamela Monroe Ellis

Meet Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General of Jamaica, in IDI's 'Meet the Board' series

With less than a month to go to IDI's next Board Meeting, we're delighted to profile IDI Board Member, Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General of Jamaica.