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SAI Independence Resource Centre

Front Page of the SAI Independence Resource CentreThe SAI Independence Resource Centre (SIRC) is an online knowledge hub which provides guidance and materials for SAI staff, development partners, and civil society organizations to advocate for SAI independence in the country where they operate.

The SIRC can be accessed here.

The SIRC serves as an information portal on this important topic, providing all interested parties with the resources you need to advocate for SAI independence. Here you can find information, publications and supporting documents that can help you engage with relevant stakeholders on the topic of SAI independence. The SIRC document database also contains a wide range of research and policy documents on SAI independence and government oversight.

The SIRC is run as part of the Independent SAIs work stream at the INTOSAI Development Initiative, which seeks to advocate for SAI independence and to support SAIs currently facing challenges to their independence.