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IDI Board discusses strategic foresight in IDI, and approves updated plans and budget

In an extraordinary meeting on 17 June, the IDI Board approved IDI’s updated operational plan and budget for 2021. Some changes were necessary in light of effects of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. IDI had to go online for most of its 2021 work in support of supreme audit institutions in developing countries around the world. Nevertheless, IDI is on track with the majority of its planned results.

The Board shared and brainstormed approaches to strategic foresight in IDI. This included an exchange of views on potential emerging trends and the impact these may have on supreme audit institutions. These essential discussions will help IDI to shape future approaches of its work.

In the meeting, IDI presented preliminary results of the INTOSAI Global SAI Survey and Stocktaking Report. The report will be published in August 2021.

Finally, IDI updated on its engagement to include a gender and inclusiveness lens in the next INTOSAI Strategic Plan.

The Board meeting summary and the updated IDI Operation Plan and Budget for 2021 will be available on the IDI website.