SAI Innovations journey to go F.A.R. continued with two marketplace events

The IDI’s SAI Innovations 2020 theme Innovative SAIs going F.A.R.’ was launched in November with two framing webinars.

This initiative discusses and showcases why innovations are needed, within the audit community and the public sector in general, keeping in mind all the time that the innovations are not the same for everyone and everywhere, but more fit-to-context and fit-to-purpose. The framing webinars set the tone of the theme and lead us to explore innovations more in marketplace events, in which different SAIs (Supreme Audit Institutions) and stakeholders are asked to share their innovative approaches and ways of working. (Please read more:

The Innovative SAIs going F.A.R. journey continued in December with two very insightful marketplace events. The first of these, on December 9th, was hosted by the International Budget Partnership titled Harnessing the Power of Audits: Innovations in SAI-civil society cooperation and audit follow-up and presented by Ms. Claire Schouten, Senior Program Officer and invited speakers from the Office of the Auditor General of Nepal (Mr. Ramu Prasad Dotel, Deputy Auditor General) and Social Rights of Children in ACIJ - Civil Association for Equality and Justice (Ms. Natalia Escoffier, Coordinator). On December 14th SAI Costa Rica hosted the second marketplace session titled Rethinking the way we audit: experience in agile auditing presented by Ms. CarolinaRetana Valverde and Mr. Alex Salomón Monge Lemaitre. Each webinar attracted over 100 participants keen to take the journey to go F.A.R.

In 2021 we’ll come back with further marketplace events, starting the first will be on January 20th at 15.00 CET with SAI Brazil and their experiences in the field of innovation and the 10 steps of innovation they have developed. 

In the beginning of 2015, the Innovation Lab in SAI Brazil was created to bring innovation to the institution in order to face the VUCA world we live in. 

During this event SAI Brazil will share their journey in creating the coLAB-i, designing a strategy to tackle the challenge of changing culture and mindsets and overcoming obstacles. Then, exploring the Lab two phases, SAI Brazil will show how they were able to deliver more effective products and services and our main projects.

Last but not least, SAI Brazil will present, from the lessons learned, what would be the 10 steps for innovation.

The registration to this event will start early January. Welcome to join us also in the New Year!