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The PESA-P principle of inclusivity shows in the numbers

The PESA-P principle of inclusivity shows in the numbers

On the 23rd August PESA-P education activities began in earnest. Modules for CCP1 'Deliver Value and Benefits for All' were opened to learners, and we held a context-setting webinar to introduce SAI Auditors to the CCP1 concepts. Mr Jan Van Schalkwyk Technical Advisor to CBC Chair joined Archana Shirsat Deputy Director General IDI in a panel discussion that addressed questions relating to the competency framework on which PESA-P is based, including ‘What does a professional SAI look like?’ and ‘Why does the competency framework include cross-cutting competencies?’.

A massive 880 SAI Auditors and 412 SAI Coaches from 87 SAIs are taking part in PESA-P, and the breadth of the INTOSAI community represented within the team creating this education has allowed us to reflect the PESA-P principle of inclusivity. The teams involved include both women and men as well as people from many types of SAIs, enabling us to create an education that is relevant to everyone and with case studies from many different environments. The principles of inclusivity is also demonstrated by the strong female participation,  with over half of the SAI Auditors and 42% of SAI Coaches being female. The inclusivity theme continues, with SAIs from all INTOSAI regions are participating in PESA-P.  

Congratulations to all on a wonderful start and a stunning commitment to the programme. 

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