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IDI Certification Programme for eLearning Specialists

IDI Certification Programme for eLearning Specialists

The objective of this programme is to enhance capacity in SAIs in design, development and delivery of eLearning courses. This certification programme is based on a competency framework of eLearning Specialist and programme aims to certify these competencies. After the eLearning course there will be a separate evaluation phase. Only those participants passing the evaluation and demonstrating identified competencies will be certified by IDI as eLearning Specialists. 

This Programme has been developed as per IDI’s eLearning methodology and will be delivered on the IDI platform as an eight weeks eLearning course. This course will run from September 19th to November 13th, 2018 after 4 weeks self-study pre-course work, which is taken place during August – September, 2018. The eLearning course will be facilitated by nine mentors from SAIs of Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand together with IDI staff and it will be delivered in English. 

The course is designed in a manner that ensures active participation and interactivity among mentors and participants, as well as among the participants. Activities like webinar, discussion forums are included in the eight modules for this purpose.

A total of 46 participants from the INTOSAI regions of AFROSAI-E, ARABOSAI, CAROSAI, CREFIAF, EUROSAI, and PASAI are participating in this Programme.