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LOTA Pioneer

What is LOTA Pioneers?

LOTA Pioneers (2023-2024) is one of the main vehicles for realizing the LOTA vision.

It is an initiative that aims to facilitate the transformation of a SAI auditors into change agents who bring technology to SAI’s audit world by scanning their internal and external audit environments to strategize for leveraging on technology in audits and auditing the use of technology by governments.

To begin with this initiative will be offered in English for up to 25 SAIs. Each SAI is requested to nominate two persons from different leadership levels in the SAI. While one will act as LOTA Pioneer (Strategy), the other will act as LOTA Pioneer (Audit).

Besides creating a pool of LOTA Pioneers, this initiative is expected to result in LOTA scans, LOTA strategies and LOTA audits at the participating SAI level.

Those candidates who successfully complete their education, LOTA scan / strategy and audit will graduate as IDI’s LOTA Pioneers and become a part of an alumni network.

A functional leader who has the position and willingness to strategize for using technology in SAI Audits and auditing use of technology on a sustainable basis in the SAI. She/He would have the capacity to lead a team to use the LOTA scan tool for developing a LOTA strategy for SAI audits. LOTA is the SAI’s strategy for including audits of technology in the SAI’s strategic and annual audit plan on a regularly basis. In the long term the change strategy is expected to institutionalize the use of technology in audit and audit of high priority areas of use of technology by governments.

An audit team leader with the ability to conduct ISSAI based audits of technology or audits using technology. IDI will provide professional education to the pioneers and support them in conducting LOTA scan to develop LOTA strategy and conducting a LOTA audit on a high priority area.

What are benefits of LOTA Pioneers?

 LOTA Pioneers benefit both - SAIs and SAI Auditors.  Let’s take a look in more detail.

Benefits to the SAI
  • Gain professionally trained LOTA Pioneers who can drive the change by leveraging on technological advancements in SAI
  • Develop LOTA Pioneers who are part of an international network of SAI Technology professionals. Such networking can lead to peer-to-peer exchange and support
  • LOTA scans carried out, LOTA strategy development and LOTA audits conducted for the SAI.
Benefits for SAI Auditors
  • Gain a technology-related education designed for the SAI context
  • Develop technology-related knowledge, skills and attributes required to drive the change by leveraging on technological advancements
  • Receive access to high quality learning materials
  • Lead LOTA scan, strategy and audits of the SAI.
  • Recognition as a LOTA Pioneer at SAI, regional and international level.
  • Form a network of technology SAI professionals
  • Opportunities to participate and contribute to technology audit initiatives at the regional and international level.