INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

Use of technology and citizen participation in fiscal control


Christian Humberto Sanabria Montaña

In this event the DIARI team shared case studies, experiences, and lessons learnt on how analytical models help to detect risks of potential losses, how modern technologies support this process, and how information from various sources might be accessed. These information sources among other include different citizen participation channels, such as citizen complaint application, social media platforms, such as Twitter and other webpages, which can be scraped and analysed with the modern tools.

This presentation demonstrated the SAI Colombia’s model meant to process the information provided by citizens through various channels and to generate alerts. The presentation provided us an insight into the process of analysis and investigation of generated alerts by DIARI teams, as well as the process of following-up on the recommendations to ensure good management of money. Case studies included in the presentation covered among other such projects as large construction projects that may not have been completed in time without SAI Colombia’s intervention, as well as examples on new possibilities provided by use of analytical tools and citizen participation.

Webinar 10 November 2021