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Innovative SAIs going F.A.R. Framing webinars

In the current crisis being Flexible, Agile and Resilient are three qualities key for any SAI. Seeking to adopt new innovations and finding new solutions is central to a SAI to stay relevant for the benefit of all.

During the Innovative SAIs going F.A.R. series, we will explore how Supreme Audit Institutions can adopt innovative audit practices to stay relevant, embrace the principle of "leave no one behind" and deliver value and benefits to all. By operating as flexible, agile and resilient institutions, SAIs will be able to go F.A.R.

Our going F.A.R. discussions endeavour to look at SAI innovations from an institutional and a people perspective, from technological and social perspective; from the perspective of what is fit for purpose for SAIs with diverse capacities and local contexts.

Please join us in the shared journey to go F.A.R.

Webinar 24 Nov 2020
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Webinar 25 Nov 2020
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