INTOSAI Development Initiative

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Innovating for Impact


Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce, Auditor General, SAI Sierra Leone

Ms Besma Ben Ghali, President of the Chamber of Agriculture and State Domains and Land Affairs, SAI Tunisia

Mr Amadou Sow, Regional Manager, UNDP Accelerator Labs

Why are innovations needed? How can innovation take place in challenging environments? Innovations of yesterday may become new ways of working. Some innovations scale, some are replicable, others are not, but could still offer inspiration and food for thought.

After discussing “Innovative SAIs Going F.A.R.” in 2020, we plan to reflect on “Innovating for Impact” as the main theme of SAI Innovations for 2021. Under this theme, we want to share experiences both from the SAI community and stakeholders of the innovative solutions they have found to increase the audit impact of their work, especially related to audit communication and stakeholder engagement throughout the audits. We should always keep in mind that innovations happen everywhere and anywhere and should always be fit-for-context. The July Framing Webinars kick-off this discussion of innovating for impact.