INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

Bilateral Support

La France soutient le renforcement des institutions supérieures de contrôle africaines

Le ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères (MEAE) soutient le programme Partenariat d’appui accéléré par les pairs (PAP-APP) à hauteur de 100 000 euros pour l’année 2019.

SAI Gambia Launches its new Strategic Plan

The National Audit Office of The Gambia held a successful strategic planning workshop 11-15 March. 

SAI South Sudan launched a new five year Strategic Plan

At a ceremony held on the 21st June in Juba, the National Audit Chamber of South Sudan launched its five-year Strategic Plan, 2019–2024.

Launch of new Strategic Plan for SAI Eritrea

At a ceremony held on the 22nd of January in the capital Asmara, the Office of the Auditor General launched its five-year Strategic Plan, 2019–2023.

Five Cooperation Agreements Signed in One Day

Five French-speaking SAIs in Africa vow to work closely together with IDI and CREFIAF to strengthen strategic management systems. 

PAP-APP Cooperation agreements signed with the SAIs of Eritrea, The Gambia and Zimbabwe

Partners vow to work closely together from 2018-2020 to strengthen strategic management systems and prepare proposals for long-term capacity development. 

The MFA Iceland financially supports strengthening the most challenged audit offices in Africa

Read more to learn how the IDI, AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF commit to providing intensive support to highly challenged SAIs.

Bilateral Support to SAI Somalia Audit Planning Workshop

iaFind out how financial support provided by the MFA, Norway is used to assist the OAGS in the implementation of their Strategic Plan.

MFA Norway supports IDI/AFROSAI-E's cooperation with the Federal Audit Office of Somalia

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) will together with the African Organisation of English Speaking Supreme Audit Institution (AFROSAI-E)   work closely with the Federal Audit Office of Somalia for the next three years. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the project financially with 3,5 million NOK for 2018-2020.

ADA supports IDI’s cooperation with highly challenged Supreme Audit Institutions

The INTOSAI Development Initiative will together with the African organisations AFROSAI-E1 and CREFIAF2 over the next years provide intensive support to a small group of highly challenged Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). This shall enable the SAIs to operate more strategically and have effective long-term capacity development programmes. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) supports the programme financially with 400 000 Euros for 2018-2020.