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Auditing Strong and Resilient National Public Health System (linked to SDG 3.d) in the CAROSAI Region – SAI Leadership and Stakeholders meeting

The meeting was organized jointly by IDI and the CAROSAI Secretariat and included speakers from the World Health Organization (WHO), SAIs, a civil society organisation, and a government office in the region. The meeting had close to 90 participants, who contributed actively by posing questions to the speakers throughout the meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were to create a common understanding of public health services resilience  and to share experiences and ideas for working together for high quality, high impact 3.d audits.

First, WHO introduced and explained what health systems resilience is and its linkage to the target 3.d that the SAIs participating in the IDI initiative are to audit. Then, IDI briefed the audience on how SAIs are expected to audit this, in line with IDI’s Audit of SDGs Model and what audit impact is.

Afterwards, speakers from two SAIs in the region, a civil society organisation, a government representative and WHO reflected on the value that a 3.d audit can bring and how they can support or work together with the SAI in undertaking these audits and enhance audit impact. See details of the speakers and full agenda document here. (250 KB)

It was stressed that the audits with their forward-looking focus on how governments may learn lessons to enhance their capacities in handling future public health emergencies may contribute to governments’ efforts at creating a better policy environment for health in the economic recovery period. Moreover, speakers touched upon the critical importance of involvement of civil society organisations and media in bringing forward the results of the audit to enhance audit impact.

The full recording of the meeting can be watched here:

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