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SAI PMF Review Workshop conducted in the CAROSAI Region (3-7 July 2023)

 curacao sai

The IDI, in collaboration with the CAROSAI Secretariat, recently conducted a SAI PMF Review Workshop in the CAROSAI Region. This workshop was organized for the SAIs participating in the second round of the IDI-CAROSAI SAI PMF Facilitation Programme. The workshop took place in Curaçao from 3 to 7 July 2023 and was attended by 12 participants. The participating SAIs included Curaçao, Grenada, Montserrat, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The main objective of the review workshop was to assess the progress made by the SAIs in their SAI PMF self-assessments, which began with fieldwork in February 2023. Furthermore, the workshop aimed to provide the assessment teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct a root cause analysis and produce a qualitative assessment of the SAIs' performance. This review workshop plays a crucial role in finalizing the draft performance reports.

Going forward, the assessment teams are expected to revise their draft performance reports based on the guidance provided during the workshop. Additionally, they are required to conduct a root cause analysis of performance and draft a section highlighting key findings and observations on the SAI's performance and impact.

According to the agreed roadmap, the final performance reports, including an independent review statement issued by the IDI, are anticipated to be completed by 31 October 2023. To ensure high-quality and timely completion, the IDI will continue to offer remote support to the assessment teams throughout the remaining phases of the assessment process.