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Strategic Management When All Bets Are Off

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, SAI teams participating in IDI's SPMR inititaivefound themselves in a precarious situation. 

Interview with Eduardo Ruiz García, former Secretary-General of the ECA

‘It’s our people who make the difference!’ On 1 June 2020, Eduardo Ruiz García finished his mandate as the ECA’s SecretaryGeneral after more than 11 years.

Supporting Public Auditors in Strengthening their Strategic Management

Developing a long-term strategic plan is a demanding undertaking for any organisation and public audit institutions are no exception. 

Accounting in an emergency

Supreme audit institutions have an essential role to play in securing government accountability in the massive fiscal response to Covid 

Successful female leaders abound, but women in public finance are rare

Why in particular do we have such a strong predilection to denying women the highest seats in office that hold the national purse strings?

SAI Somalia’s Remarkable Strategic Journey, 2017-2020

 In a post-conflict Somalia, strong Auditor General leadership and peer-to-peer cooperation with international partners have been key to improving the performance of the country’s SAI.

From Awareness-Raising To Concrete Action: IDI’s Initiatives To Support SAI Independence

We all know the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating and—the word of the year— unprecedented. Faced with the urgent need to be more agile, flexible, and transparent, Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) across regions have had to rethink the timing, visibility, and scope of their audit work.