SAI PMF basic training eLearning Course

Facilitated by IDI staff and two external experts, 35 participants from all over the world will learn about the basics of applying the SAI PMF methodology during the five days intensive course.

This course was designed to be attended by all interested parties: donor agencies, SAIs, consultants, individuals as well as other organisations interested in the work done by SAIs. The objective of targeting this training to all interested parties, including SAI staff, stems from the recognition of the key role various organisations and individuals play in strengthening the capacity of audit institutions. It is therefore envisaged that this training will provide the participants with the knowledge that puts them in a better position to advocate and support the use of SAI PMF for measuring the performance of SAIs. By measuring their performance, SAIs can establish whether their practices match the requirements of international standards for strong and effective SAIs that add value to the lives of citizens.