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Eight more SAIs begin their SPMR journey towards stronger strategic management

Eight more SAIs begin their SPMR journey towards stronger strategic management

IDI is pleased to announce that another 8 SAIs have commenced their journey towards stronger strategic management and SAI performance under the SPMR initiative. The SAIs of Albania, Aruba, Kosovo, Mauritius, Montenegro, Namibia, St. Lucia and Zambia have begun a new all-digital round of SPMR, starting with assessment of their current performance using the SAI PMF methodology as well as analysing their stakeholders’ views and expectations. 

SPMR underscores the importance of leadership, strategic decision-making, risk and change management as essential determinants of SAI performance and impact. A gender assessment will complete the analysis of the SAIs’ current performance needed to inform an ambitious and realistic strategic plan. The 35 participants will complete the assessment work by early February, in time for the strategic planning workshop.  Later in 2022, the SAIs will focus on developing holistic operational plans linked to the new strategies, supported by integrated monitoring and reporting systems. 

In addition to the digital delivery of the planned workshops, a key characteristic of this cross-regional round of SPMR is that it is delivered with the invaluable support of seven resource persons from SAIs that successfully participated in the first round of SPMR (pictured).

Ms. Milena Vasilkovic and Mr. Milos Mandusic  from the SAI of Serbia will support the SAIs of St. Lucia and Montenegro respectively. Ms. Eirij Rubbani from the SAI of Pakistan will accompany the SAI Kosovo team. The team of SAI Mauritius will enjoy the support of Ms. Dechen Pelden from the SAI of Bhutan, while Mr. Jerrich Hernandez from SAI Guam will assist its Caribbean colleagues of the SAI of Aruba. The SAI of Zambia will count not one, but two resource persons, namely Ms. Esther Mills from the SAI of Ghana, and Ms. Sonia Puteri from the SAI of Indonesia.

In addition, two of the participating SAIs, SAI Albania and SAI Namibia, will be accompanied by experts from the Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAGN). This collaboration is also a continuation of a successful experience from the first round of SPMR, where OAGN supported the SAI of Myanmar.

The new round of SPMR is once again financially supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.


spmr new   For further information about the SPMR initiative, please see the webpage here.