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SPMR - Strategic and Operational Planning eLearning courses

SPMR - Strategic and Operational Planning eLearning courses

In September, IDI’s Strategy, Performance Measurement, and Reporting (SPMR) initiative has continued to support participating SAIs in their strategic management through online interventions. Participants from 29 SAIs in four regions have joined eLearning courses on strategic and operational planning that are run in September and October. The courses span over six weeks each and consist of live webinars, online assignments, and SAI-level advice.

Despite challenges emerging from the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, participating SAIs from EUROSAI and ASOSAI have developed draft strategic plans over the first half of 2020. These drafts consider the long-term effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the SAIs’ operations. Participating SAIs from the two regions are now developing annual operational plans for the first year of implementing their strategic plans.

Simultaneously, SAIs from OLACEFS and CREFIAF have finalised their SAI PMF assessments and are now moving to drafting their strategic plans. Both the Spanish-language and French-language eLearning course on strategic planning are run in September and October.

The SPMR team at IDI as well as several dedicated resource people from all regions continue to support SAIs in strengthening their strategic management practices through eLearning courses and SAI-level online support. In total, 46 SAIs from six regions participate in SPMR. The initiative is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for the Economy, SECO.

For further information about the SPMR initiative, please see the webpage here. spmr new