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ASOSAI SAIs develop their strategic visions

ASOSAI SAIs develop their strategic visions

What positive changes in the external environment does a SAI want to see based on its work? What institutional, professional and organizational capacities does the SAI need to have in place to contribute to such positive changes? These are the questions participants in the workshop addressed as they examined the strategic issues facing their institutions. The current workshop built on previous activities in the IDI-ASOSAI Initiative, including an assessment of the SAIs' current level of performance using the SAI PMF framework and a solicitation of views from external stakeholders via a stakeholder assessment. Thanks to the information provided by these previous efforts, the participating SAIs were now ready to start using these results to develop their strategic plans and make evidence-based decisions about the future of their SAIs.

It was an enthusiastic group that met for the Strategic Planning Workshop in Vientiane to define key areas to focus on in their next strategic planning periods. The participants made great efforts and progress in defining: 1) which positive changes in the external environment their SAIs want to contribute to, 2) which key outputs such as audit reports, performance reports etc. their SAI needs to put into the world and share with key stakeholders to able to contribute to these external changes and 3) what capacities their SAI needs to have in place to produce these outputs.


The participation in the SPMR initiative has ensured that the strategic plan is based on solid evidence such as the results from the SAI PMF assessment and the stakeholder assessment. It has enabled us to get a holistic overview of our SAIs current capacities. This workshop on Strategic Planning including interacting with peers from other SAIs, has broaden our perspectives when it comes to what is possible to achieve in relation to stakeholder engagement.

– Director General Mehfooz Bhatti and Deputy Director Nousheen Afzaal, Office of the Auditor-General of Pakistan

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Resource persons from the Royal Audit Authority of Bhutan and the Office of Public Accountability in Guam also contributed to make this a successful workshop.

The Workshop was kindly hosted by the State Audit Organization of Laos and the initiative is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

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