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How-To Governance - an IDI Podcast

IDI's new How-To Governance podcast dives into all matters related to public governance, with speakers from across the global governance space. 

The IDI How-To Governance podcast is devised and led by IDI's Well-Governed work stream, speaking with a variety of important stakeholders working with SAIs and in global governance. 

Episodes are available on Apple iTunes, Spotify and YouTube as well as IDI's own platforms including Vimeo



Episode 1.1

The first episode of How-to-Governance, dives into sustainability reporting, which is fast emerging as one of the hottest topics in public sector governance. Together with two exciting guests, we ask what exactly sustainability reporting is, and what roles do the public sector and SAIs play in it. 
In the first part of the podcast, Nina Johansson, CIPFA’s sustainability expert, discusses what sustainability reporting is,  the opportunities and challenges for the public sector, and what we should expect from SAIs in that regard.

Episode 1.2

IDI's How-to-Governance Podcast is back with more insights on Sustainability Reporting! In this second part to the first episode, we see how SAIs can, in fact, lead by example in reporting on their own sustainability performance. Mr. Vonani Chauke, Deputy AG of SAI South Africa shares how his institution has been paving the way in sustainability planning and reporting for over a decade.