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The objective of the course is to develop capacity for conducting a SAI PMF repeat assessment. Having the right skills in place will enable a high-quality assessment that will contribute to the capacity development and further strengthening of your SAI. The main target group are SAI PMF assessors, but the course can also be relevant for others that want to enhance their SAI PMF skills.

The estimated time to complete the course is 2-3 days. A certificate can be provided upon completion. To request a certificate please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you have finalised the entire course

See below a key message from the Director General of IDI, our repeat assessment video, description of prerequisites necessary for taking the course and link to access the course through LMS.

"The importance of a SAI PMF repeat assessment can not be overemphasized. As the operation lead on the global roll-out and implementation of SAI PMF, the IDI encourages more SAIs to conduct a repeat assessment as a means to monitor progress in performance".

                                                                                                                                     - Mr Einar Gørrissen, Director General of IDI -

What is a SAI PMF repeat assessment?

It is an assessment of a SAI which has previously assessed its performance using the SAI PMF. A repeat assessment is particularly useful when a SAI wants to monitor its progress in performance over time, for instance, its strategic plan period. 

Who is the target group of this course?

It is open to all interested individuals and can be taken at any time convenient to the learner. This course is designated to be taken by anyone planning to conduct a repeat assessment, whether SAI staff, consultants or others. If you are currently not planning to conduct a repeat assessment, it can still be helpful to take the course to enhance your SAI PMF expertise and acquire a better understanding of the specificities of a repeat assessment. 

It is important to note that this course is intended to cover only part of the SAI PMF methodology related to key aspects of a repeat assessment. It is a prerequisite that you have previous SAI PMF knowledge and already have a good understanding of the following subject areas:

  • SAI PFM process
  • SAI PMF scoring methodology
  • SAI PMF framework and the areas that are being assessed
  • How to analyse the SAI PMF results through a root cause analysis and presentation in the SAI PMF performance report. 

Link to the course
The self-learning course is now available on IDI LMS platform:

Information on how to access the course can be found here