INTOSAI Development Initiative

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Training On SAI PMF

A key pillar of the SAI PMF Implementation Strategy is to build a network of SAI PMF assessors on the SAI PMF in order to build capacity among the INTOSAI and Donor Communities, both to carry out SAI PMF assessments and to train others who use SAI PMF.

The SAI PMF Team is currently providing the following training on SAI PMF:

  • Basic training course covering the concept, stages of SAI PMF assessment and key issues to consider in the assessment of the domains.
  • A focus on the planning of assessments.
  • Advanced training course with a focus on a deeper understanding of the methodology and developing a SAI PMF report
  • Knowledge sharing workshop: sharing of assessment experiences mainly for assessments conducted as part of a facilitated programme
  • Training on Independent Review of SAI Performance Reports

Training is arranged and offered on demand and in coordination with the INTOSAI Regional Bodies.

The planned training for 2020 is designed to cater for the following:

i. SAIs participating in the Strategy, Performance Measurement and Reporting (SPMR) Initiative

ii. SAIs undertaking a performance assessment as part of a regional facilitated programme

iii. SAIs not participating in (i) or (ii) above, the donor community and other interest groups and individuals.