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SAI Madagascar webinar SDG5

Court of Accounts of Madagascar: planning the work for 2023

The Court of Accounts of Madagascar is getting prepared for auditing relevant topics in 2023 and ensuring effective control of public spending for the benefit of citizens.

IDI's Human Resource team launches IDI people video, and seeks new HR Coordinator

As IDI's HR team looks to fill a new HR Coordinator role, we launch a video showing why IDI staff love their roles. 

TOGETHER initiative opens the doors and welcomes applications

Following two very successful Open Houses, the TOGETHER initiative welcomes applications from SAIs in three regions.

CASP audit plans review month

SAIs' audits contribute to sustainable public procurement practices linked to SDG 12.7

An IDI-OLACEFs article considers the CASP audit reports and asks if nations are promoting sustainable public procurement as a strategic instrument for green and inclusive growth.

Available in Spanish and English, IDI's latest article is entitled “Are nations promoting sustainable public procurement as a strategic instrument for green and inclusive growth?” It reflects on the CASP initiative implemented in OLACEFS, as one of the pilots of ISAM.

To a large extent, it leverages on the audit reports issued by twelve of the fourteen participating SAIs. It summarises the main insights and recommendations provided by SAIs in relation to Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP), particularly on aspects such as regulatory framework, improvement of capacities, level of coordination and coherence among different institutions, how the 2030 agenda principle of Leave No One Behind (LNOB) is considered and mainstreamed by Governments and procurement systems, what is the level of regular interaction with stakeholders, and what are some of the issues with procurement data for implementing SPP.

Bearing in mind that IDI’s mission relates to the improvement of capacities of SAIs, IDI also reflects on how participating SAIs benefitted from CASP and how can we continue to build on what we have achieved.

Download and read the full article in English here

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Es para la IDI un placer presentarles nuestro artículo “¿Están las naciones promoviendo las compras públicas sostenibles como un instrumento estratégico para el crecimiento verde e inclusivo?”, en el que se reflexiona acerca de la iniciativa CASP implementada en OLACEFS, uno de los pilotos de ISAM.

En gran medida, estas reflexiones se basan en los informes de auditoría emitidos por doce de las catorce EFS participantes. De modo que estamos presentando las principales ideas y recomendaciones proporcionadas por las EFS en relación con las Compras Públicas Sostenibles (CPS), particularmente en aspectos como el marco regulatorio, la mejora de las capacidades, el nivel de coordinación y coherencia entre las diferentes instituciones, el modo en el que el principio de la Agenda 2030 No dejar a nadie atrás (LNOB) es integrado por los gobiernos en sus sistemas de compras, el grado de interacción con las partes interesadas y algunos aspectos vinculados con los datos e información para implementar CPS.

Teniendo en cuenta que la misión de la IDI se relaciona con la mejora de las capacidades de las EFS, también estamos reflexionando acerca de cómo las EFS participantes se beneficiaron del CASP y cómo podemos continuar construyendo sobre lo que ya se ha logrado.

Vea versión en español debajo


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Chair of IDI Board Mr. Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen

Meet the Chair of IDI's Board, Mr. Schjøtt-Pedersen, as we round up our 'Meet the Board' series for 2022

It's a pleasure to feature the recently appointed Chair of IDI's Board, Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, Auditor General of Norway, in IDI's 'Meet the Board' series

Pivoting and Providing: How IDI upscaled support for SAIs in Response to the global pandemic

In EUROSAI Magazine Issue 26, issued July 2022, IDI shared how it pivoted to provide up-scaled support to SAIs as the pandemic took hold.  

The much-awaited launch of IDI’s brand new pICTure initiative

The new pICTure initiative will help SAIs fulfill their digital ambitions by uplifting their ICT Maturity.

Call for expressions of interest for the position of member of the IDI Board

On 19 July 2022, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) launched a call for expressions of interest for the selection of two new members to the IDI Board.

IDI Board approves plan and budget updates and discusses IDI’s strategic planning

In an online meeting on 27 June, the IDI Board approved IDI’s updates on the operational plan and budget for 2022.

Introducing Learn IDI LMS app

To promote learning on phones and tablets, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) has introduced a new customised branded app for current users of the IDI Learning Management System (IDI LMS).

IDI SAI Independence team hosts advocacy panels and roundtables at the Hague

IDI’s SAI Independence team attended a number of events and meetings in the Hague in May, discussing the significance of independent SAIs in strong public governance and accountability.

SAIs from AFROSAI-E and EUROSAI regions share their strategic management experiences at the knowledge-sharing workshop in Oslo, 13-17 June 2022

Over the past four years, many SAIs participating in the Strategy, Performance Measurement, and Reporting (SPMR) initiative have achieved significant progress in terms of strategic management.