INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions


Supporting SAIs in HR Governance, Diversity & Ethics Management (TOGETHER)

IDI benefits from peer expertise and experience in the TOGETHER iniative

Four Covid-19 related audits completed and annual report presented to the media and citizens: Main highlights of the TANTANA 2021 Annual Performance Report

The first Annual Performance Report (2021) for TANTANA, the capacity development project for the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Madagascar, has been released.

SPMR – Implementation, Monitoring & Reporting Workshop in Yaoundé, Cameroon, 4 -10 Mai 2022

The CREFIAF group of the Strategy, Performance Measurement and Reporting (SPMR) initiative met for their first in-person activity since the COVID-19 pandemic breakout and the subsequent travel restrictions.

Supreme Audit Institutions: Natural Allies to Open Government

The role of SAIs makes them a natural ally to the values that make up the Open Government Partnership (OGP): transparency, citizen participation, inclusion, and accountability.

Helen Clark, IDC GA for SAI Independence, visits IDI HQ in Oslo

May 31, 2022. Right Hon. Helen Clark, INTOSAI Development Cooperation (IDC) Goodwill Ambassador, visited the INTOSAI Development Initiative headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

IDI Conducts Global Webinar on SAI PMF

IDI's SAI PMF Team conducts a SAI PMF Global Webinar on “Building SAI Capacity through SAI PMF".

IDI Board member Helena Lindberg

Meet Ms. Helena Lindberg, IDI board member and Auditor General of Sweden

It's with great pleasure that we feature Ms. Helena Lindberg, IDI board member and Auditor General of Sweden, in our 'Meet the Board' series

SAI PMF Webinar – Building SAI Capacity through SAI PMF

The SAI PMF Team in the IDI will be conducting a webinar on the topic “Building SAI Capacity through SAI PMF”.

Board approves IDI's 2021 reports and welcomes a new Chair

In a virtual meeting on 31 March 2022, the Board approved reports and the way forward on strategic planning.

Call for Tender: Study on SAI Independence and Extractive Sector Governance

IDI is commissioning a study to examine how SAI independence impacts extractives in South American and Francophone Africa.

IDI features in Issue 1 of UN Women ECA's Gender Equality magazine

‘Transformative Financing for Gender Equality in the Western Balkans’ showcases IDI's participation in their Dec 2021 workshop, interviews with SAI N Macedonia and more. 

When IDI upholds equality, everyone wins

Findings of an external assessment of gender and diversity dimensions of IDI’s Human Resources management show that IDI is on the right track. IDI staff generally perceives IDI as an organisation committed to gender equality and inclusiveness and a great place to work.