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Energy, enthusiasm and excitement as PESA-P takes off

The PESA-P journey has begun! And it has launched with all the excitement, commitment and enthusiasm we could have hoped for.

IDI Board Member Kristin Amundsen

Meet IDI Board member, Kristin Amundsen (DDG in SAI of Norway), in our 'Meet the Board' series

We're delighted to profile Kristin Amundsen, DDG in SAI of Norway and IDI Board Member since 2018. 

SAI Madagascar webinar

SAI Madagascar webinar strengthens its capacity to carry out evaluations of public policies

The Court of Accounts of Madagascar webinar strengthens its capacity to carry out evaluations of public policies

IDI and CAROSAI celebrate the successful completion of their SAI PMF Facilitation Programme.

IDI/CAROSAI's regional SAI PMF facilitation programme comes to a successful close.

Survey on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the independence of Supreme Audit Institutions

IDI has just released an online survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the independence of Supreme Audit Institutions. The survey has been sent to SAIs around the world and is available in four languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

The objective of the survey is to assess whether and how the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the independence of SAIs, in the period from March 2020 to June 2021. The survey seeks to complement the information collected through the INTOSAI Global Survey.

Survey results will be analysed, consolidated, and shared through a report on the impact of the global pandemic on SAI independence. The report will include aggregated data at global and regional levels. Individual SAI responses will be kept confidential and may only be shared with the consent of the SAI.

SAIs interest in reading throguh the survey before answering can find a print copy here.

For more information on SAI independence and IDI's work in this area, please visit the SAI Independence Resource Center.

Upcoming webinar: Gaining and safeguarding SAI independence

Joint IDI / CBC ACCC webinar will give SAI leadership opportunitites to discuss how to protect their independence in law and in reality.

IDI participation at OLACEFS LXXII Governing Board meeting in May 2021

On May 18, the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) held its LXXII Governing Board meeting

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Auditing Strong and Resilient National Public Health System (linked to SDG 3.d) in the CAROSAI Region – SAI Leadership and Stakeholders meeting

On the 16th June, SAI leaders and stakeholders in the CAROSAI region convened virtually for the SAI Leadership and Stakeholder meeting on the Auditing Strong and Resilient National Public Health System (linked to SDG 3.d).

Evaluation of the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership (PAP-APP) Programme

Programme providing intensive support to nine SAIs found to be well designed and implemented, with most outputs likely to be achieved.

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IDI Board discusses strategic foresight in IDI, and approves updated plans and budget

IDI Board discusses strategic foresight in IDI and approves updated plans and budget in its meeting on 17 March 2021

ASOSAI and PASAI SAI Leadership and Stakeholders meet to discuss national public health resilience

16 SAIs participating in the SDG 3.d audits in the ASOSAI and PASAI regions and key stakeholders convened to discuss public health resilience in a recent virtural meeting.

IDI Board Member Dasho Tashi

Meet IDI Board Member, Åse Kristin Hemsen (Deputy Auditor General of OAGN)

As the next IDI Board meeting approaches, we're delighted to profile Åse Kristin Hemsen in IDI's "Meet our Board Members" series